Position: Assistant Undersecretary of Health Regulations Sector at the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP)
Categories: Keynote Speaker

H.E. started his career at the Ministry of Health in 1985 while still pursuing his education. He graduated from Aberdeen University in Scotland with a Ph.D. in blood transfusion medicine in 2003. He revolutionized the blood transfusion practices in the UAE with the establishment of 3 world-class centers for blood donation and the development of all relevant policies.

He was appointed as assistant undersecretary since 2006 and he successfully handled various responsibilities with the Ministry of Health.

Currently, as the Ass. undersecretary for Health Policies, H.E. is responsible for the Drug management, Control, Audit and Inspection, Licensing and Accreditation, Standards and Guidelines along with the Organ Donation and Transplantation Office.

His excellency has written numerous books and scientific publications in the field of blood medicine and received many awards from local and international organizations for his contribution to science and his commitment to humanitarian causes.