Position: Quality Assurance & Pharmacovigilance Manager - Hawkary Pharmaceuticals Co.
Categories: Speakers 2024

Dr. Reem AbdelJawwad Mahmoud Yasin, the head of Quality Assurance and Pharmacovigilance in Hawkary Pharmaceuticals co., one of the top and leadings pharmaceutical’s companies in Iraq

She is a pharmacist graduated from University of Jordan and worked as lecturer there in the College of Pharmacy.

Dr. Reem has over 10 years of experience in the field of Integrated Quality Management, legal agreements and Pharmacovigilance in Jordan, Iraq, GCC and Europe.

Currently, she is a member of ISOP and member in Arab Quality consultants’ union (AQCU)


  • Certified ISO QMS consultant
  • German board in good manufacturing practices in pharmaceuticals industry
  • Certified in Pharmacovigilance professional
  • Certified with mini-MBA
  • Certified in Risk management professional
  • Certified Trainer