24th & 25th April 2024

GCC Pharmacovigilance
Training 2024

Join GCC Pharmacovigilance Training to enhance your skills in pharmacovigilance. Aimed at GCC professionals, this training focuses on monitoring, evaluating, and reporting adverse drug reactions, ensuring medication safety.

Gain knowledge on regulatory frameworks, risk assessment, and best practices. Be a part of patient safety and meet the growing demand in the GCC. Elevate your expertise and qualification in pharmacovigilance.

  • Evaluate the place of the QPPV in the pharmacovigilance system of a company
  • Share experiences from the EU QPPV to learn better how to fulfil and deal with the role of the QPPV
  • Understand the challenges of being a QPPV for small & medium enterprises and contractually within CROs
  • Advance understanding of the legal and liability aspects for the QPPV and what documents need to be in place
  • Enable QPPV(s) to articulate their role in the company in order to promote senior management understanding and support
  • Design initiatives to move the QPPV position forward successfully in the GCC & Middle East