Dr. Reem Al-Essa

Position: the Coordination & Development Superintendent at Ministry of Health Kuwait
Categories: Speakers 2022

Dr. Reem Al-Essa has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Regulations and an EU2P MSc in Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology, with a long and diversified experience in both government and private sectors in Kuwait.


She started her career in Kuwait Ministry of Health in September 1999, Drug and Food Control, Pharmaceutical and Herbal Medicines Registration and Control Administration as a Regulatory Reviewer of Pharmaceutical Registration Dossier. She was promoted to become the Head of Drug Registration Department, and then Drug Registration and Release Superintendent. She then moved from the Government career to join the community pharmacy field and worked on the raising the community’s awareness in ADR reporting, Pharmacovigilance and Medication Management Services in the private sector since 2013. With her continuous passion in Pharmacovigilance, Dr. Reem became an active Pharmacovigilance Advocate in the social media since 2016 with her social media presence under the title “Report Me Kuwait”. She then reached an opportunity to continue making positive changes in her field at the Ministry of Health, so she made her mind to end her community practice in the private sector and moved back to MOH in 2017 to work in the Drug Inspection Administration carrying out the role of pharmacy licensing and inspection in addition to her role as a PV focal point and PV Advocate in the social media.


Dr. Al-Essa became The Coordination and Development Superintendent at the Pharmaceutical Services Administration, Ministry of Health in 2019. She is responsible for ensuring the best quality pharmaceutical care practice at government hospitals and primary healthcare clinics, which include the availability of safe and effective treatments as well as coordinating any safety issues related to the use of medications with the phamacovigilance team at the Drug and Food Control sector.

Dr. Reem Al-Essa was the main role player in obtaining Kuwait’s Full member in the WHO International Programme in Drug Monitoring in 2021.