Position: Patient Safety Cluster Lead , Gulf, Lebanon & KSA - Takeda
Categories: Speakers 2024

Dr. Raghda has rich experience in Pharmacovigilance and Patient Safety since 2011 when she starts establishment new pharmacovigilance system in Middle East and North Africa at Eli-Lilly from scratch.

she was working hand by hand with regulatory authority bodies within Middle East and North Africa region to implement and execute Arab Guidelines for Pharmacovigilance GVP first version.

She has several senior regional roles in multinational companies like Eli Lilly, Shire and now Takeda where she got diversified experience in Patient Safety in different geographical regions including not only Middle East and Africa but also some European countries like Greece, Portugal, Israel, Spain and Italy by which has been exposed to different experience that she builds on her area of expertise in Middle East and Africa region.

Dr. Raghda has passionate to Promote for Patient Safety in general and to optimize patient Safety awareness in specific within all health community sectors.

She is active member in different regional PV associations, and she is active moderators for DIA forums and different Global Pharmacovigilance events.