Position: Patient Safety Associate Director - Gilead Sciences
Categories: Speakers 2024

Mohamed Abdel Hady is an accomplished pharmacovigilance professional with extensive experience in drug safety and regulatory compliance. With a background in pharmaceutical sciences, Mohamed has contributed significantly to the field through his work in adverse event reporting, risk assessment, and Industry groups across the GCC in well reputed Biotechnology companies.


Mohamed Abdel Hady holds a Master’s degree in Pharmacology from Alexandria University. He has worked with leading pharmaceutical companies across the GCC region. His expertise lies in ensuring patient safety by monitoring and evaluating drug safety data, implementing risk minimization strategies, and collaborating with cross-functional teams.


As a dynamic speaker, Mohamed has presented at various industry conferences and workshops including the World Drug Safety congress of Europe, Healthcare Automation and Digitalization Congress, DIA MENA and the Annual Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance Summit. His engaging sessions cover topics such as pharmacovigilance best practices, regulatory updates, and the role of the affiliates to apply the policies of the Pharmacovigilance HQs.