Position: CEO & Co-founder at Vamstar
Categories: Speakers 2023

He has nearly two decades of experience working across the healthcare ecosystem. Prior to Vamstar, Praful was a Senior Partner for IHS Markit and developed healthcare industry’s data and market access capability.


Throughout his career, he has developed solutions pertaining to market access, procurement, pricing and reimbursement, supply chain, and tendering of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics.


Mr. Praful has been a long-time advisor to senior teams across the ecosystem on issues of market access strategies, procurement excellence, launch planning, market competitiveness, and commercialisation strategies. He has significant project experience in working with the BRIC-MT, MENA, APAC, and EU-30 nations, as well as the United States and Japan.


Mr. Praful has been interviewed and quoted in many different journals, print media, blogs, and leadership forums during the two-decades long tenure.