Position: Regulatory & PV Manager, MENA region – Biologix
Categories: Speakers 2024

A passionate and experienced Regulatory Affairs Professional with more than 14 years of three-dimensional experience at the level of pharmaceuticals regulations for registration of local manufactured &/or under license products, local generic products, and innovative imported products (Biological and Chemical) covering the scope of the MENA region (18 countries: GCC, Levant, Near East, Egypt, and North Africa). In addition to the regulatory experience, Sara built across the years, a deep diverse experience at multiple levels including but not limited to: Regional Pricing Regulations & Mechanisms, Localization Opportunities and Challenges, and Regulated Access Opportunities.

In August 2023, Sara was granted an expanded role to lead the PV unit in addition to the Regulatory department. Sara is currently holding the Regulatory and PV Manager position at Biologix with a team of 10 Regulatory and PV professionals located across several countries in the region including KSA, UAE, and Lebanon.

Honored to serve medical community and patients throughout this exciting Registration and PV journey, working closely with a team of passionate experts where we join hands to support pharmaceutical companies register their innovative products in the MENA, designing optimal registration strategies, advocating to patients’ safety, and contributing for a world of safe and effective medicines accessibility.

Scientific Background: Pharmacist (since 2009) & holds MBA in Management (since 2018) *

*Sara is a pharmacist graduated from Beirut Arab University in 2009 and holds Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA in Management) from Sagesse University on July 2018.