Position: Co-founder and CEO of Utrace
Categories: Speakers 2023

Konstantin has more than 15 years’ experience in IT products and implementation of complex B2B solutions for large and medium-sized companies. Five years ago, he set up Utrace, with the aspiration of making the complex and expensive process of compliance smooth and efficient by providing scalable, user-friendly and cost-effective solutions with high levels of automation. Now, five years later, Konstantin is proud to say Utrace has helped over 50 companies in the pharma and FMCG industries successfully comply with a host of complex requirements.


The Pop in my Job:

«What I’m really passionate about maximizing business value for companies investing in compliance processes. All too often I’ve seen situations where companies looking to fulfill such requirements go well over budget as a result of choosing inefficient and inflexible software. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to come in and help these companies out of such a mire, and, needless to say, help other companies avoid ever getting into such a situation in the first place».