Position: Head of Regulatory Affairs, GDD - Novartis Pharmaceuticals– Gulf Region
Categories: Speakers 2024
Dr. Haidy Saad, a distinguished Global Regulatory Affairs leader, has carved an extraordinary career path over the span of two decades, leaving an indelible mark on the global pharmaceutical landscape. Dr. Saad’s unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare and shaping regulatory policies across diverse geographies and therapeutic categories has established her as a respected figure in the industry.


In November 2016, Dr. Haidy Saad commenced her illustrious journey with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp., assuming the role of Head of Regulatory/Corporate Affairs for the Middle East and Gulf Cluster. Her strategic acumen played a pivotal role in overseeing a portfolio with a substantial value of approximately $400 million. Dr. Saad’s external focus was instrumental in establishing Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. as the healthcare partner of choice, fostering key stakeholder relationships, and supporting business strategy and launch plans.


Dr. Haidy Saad’s tenure at Novartis was characterized by her adeptness in developing and executing corporate affairs and advocacy plans, aligning them seamlessly with business objectives. Her collaborative efforts with cross-functional teams resulted in the creation of impactful corporate affairs strategies that resonated with the company’s vision and goals.


From March 2021 to March 2023, Dr. Haidy Saad assumed the role of RAWG Chairwoman at PHARMAG, a subsidiary of Pharma MEA. In this prestigious position, she represented approximately 26 innovative pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies. Dr. Saad’s leadership was instrumental in partnering with regional healthcare systems to shape policies, build capabilities, and ensure expedited patient access to innovative medicines. Her efforts significantly contributed to the development of best-in-class healthcare ecosystems.


A trailblazer in policy shaping and regulatory intelligence, Dr. Haidy Saad has been at the forefront of monitoring new legislations and engaging with public stakeholders. Her lobbying efforts with Health Authorities and external decision-makers have been pivotal in achieving corporate goals. Dr. Saad has not only shaped the external regulatory environment but also cultivated extensive networks within industry groups, further solidifying her reputation as a thought leader in the field.


Dr. Haidy Saad’s biography reflects a remarkable journey of leadership, innovation, and dedication to advancing healthcare globally. Her impact on regulatory affairs, policy shaping, and corporate advocacy has left an enduring legacy, earning her a place among the influential figures in the pharmaceutical industry.