Position: Regulatory Administration Director at the Central Administration of Pharmaceutical Affairs – Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA)
Categories: Speakers 2024

Dr. Eman Hussien is the manager of Human Pharmaceuticals Regulatory Affair Administration, at the Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA), where responsible for the market authorization of new registration and re-registration of human pharmaceutical products.

She started her career as a Teaching Assistant at the faculty of pharmacy after graduating from 6 October University with a grade excellent with Honor in 2012, Then started a new career path as a Pharmacovigilance specialist at the Central Administration of Pharmaceutical Affairs, in 2020 with establishment of EDA Started a new career as Senior Regulatory specialist until November 2021 where promoted to the Manager of Evaluation unit of registration file for local human pharmaceuticals then promoted to the current title in EDA as the Manager of Human Pharmaceutical regulatory affairs Administration at EDA in June 2023.


Over the span of more than 11 years, Eman has gained extensive experience in various areas of the life sciences sector, with a focus on Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance although participated in several strategic projects, such as the WHO program for Pre-Qualification of Egyptian Drug Authority, the Establishment of the Egyptian drug database (DDB), EDA Chairman decree 450/2023 regarding the Registration process of pharmaceutical products, EDA Chairman decree 150/2022 regarding Re-Registration process of pharmaceutical products.


Her achievements include completing the Executive Management Diploma (EMD) at AUC 2018, and the Master of Business Administration at AAST in Cairo (2023-2024).