Position: Head of Business Consulting at EXTEDO
Categories: Speakers 2023

Stavros joined EXTEDO’s Customer Care back in November 2020, where he has been acting as the Head of Business Consulting services for the last 1.5 years.



He is steering EXTEDO’s business consultants in delivering services in the fields of Agency support, Industry RIMS, Publishing, and Pharmacovigilance.



Before joining EXTEDO has was managing the core drug safety group of a major European drug manufacturer, overseeing pharmacovigilance and XEVMPD services for hundreds of clients. In parallel he was tasked with services portfolio expansion, domain business development and to act as point of contact with IT, Clinical Affairs, and QA teams. Notable achievements in his decade with the organization include a complete restructuring of the business operating procedures, establishing new service opportunities, contributing to the revenue and human capital growth, securing the reputation of the team, while successfully sustaining multiple EMA, NCA and client audits.


His previous assignment was a Deputy QPPV for a generic company, where he implemented the entire pharmacovigilance system from scratch.


Stavros is a Chemist by academia and holds a PhD in Molecular Quantum Mechanics.