Position: Global Vigilance Manager & QPPV at Julphar, UAE
Categories: Speakers 2023

Syed Zaferuddin is a Pharmacovigilance & Medical Device vigilance professional working as Global Vigilance Manager & QPPV at Julphar UAE. In past worked for companies like Jamjoom Pharma, TCS, Cognizant and Clinnovo. He is a speaker for World Drug Safety Congress in Europe and America. Skilled in Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Pharmacovigilance, Medical Device vigilance, Drafting Agreements, management of ICSR, aggregate reports, Pharmacovigilance intelligence, PV QMS, PV safety database and PV LMS. A strong legal professional with a Master’s Degree focused on Pharmacology. Also heading an NGO aims to increase the ICSR reporting culture in the Middle East.