Position: Middle East & Africa (MEA) PV Hub Lead at AbbVie
Categories: Advisory Board 2023.

Eman has a wealth of experience in PV since 2012, with a strong network with decision makers in different health authorities. She held several senior roles in multiple multinational Pharma companies.

She started her PV career in Cairo, in 2012, at the very early beginnings of the Egyptian PV guidelines followed by the Arab GVP implementation in 2015.

She has worked in multiple pharmaceutical companies, from local Egyptian companies to Gilead’s agent in Cairo then joined Allergan as Egypt LSO in March 2016. After one year, she was selected to the Regional PV Lead for TMEA region in March 2017 and relocated to Dubai in Dec 2017.

After Abbvie’s acquisition of Allergan in May 2020, Eman supported the global and affiliate PV integration workstreams and subsequently was appointed on May 2021 as the Lead of the Middle East & Africa PV hub, the largest PV hub in Abbvie.

She also has a vast experience in delivering trainings to multiple pharmaceutical companies in Egypt on Arab GVP and her trainings were accredited and acknowledged by the Head of Egyptian Pharmaceutical Vigilance Center in Egypt.

Lastly, Eman has participated in GCC PV trainings that took place in Dubai, UAE, in years 2019 and 2020, 2021 and her sessions were widely recognized and got excellent feedback from the audience and regulators as well.

She also has multiple lectures in the annual PV course arranged by PRA and the Dubai Pharmacy College since 2020.

Eman is now the Middle East & Africa MEA Hub Lead in Abbvie and is a member of International Society of Pharmacovigilance ISoP, ISoP Middle East Chapter and the Country Representative in United Arab Emirates.