Position: Communication Government Affairs Director - GSK
Categories: Speakers 2024

Sattam Turky Alghodyyr, who holds a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Industry, initiated his professional journey as a pharmacist in the Ministry of Health, serving in that capacity for three years. However, he soon transitioned to the Saudi Food & Drug Authority, where he gained invaluable experience as a regulator for a span of seven years.

In 2016, Sattam commenced his tenure at SPIMACO, where he engaged in various roles such as Pharmacovigilance, Bioequivalence, Regulatory, and Government Affairs.

In 2022, Sattam joined GSK as the Director of Communication Government Affairs. Additionally, he oversees the market access and pricing departments.

Sattam holds the distinction of being a Founding Member of the Pharmaceutical Industry Association (PIA), where he currently serves as the deputy chairman. Previously, he was a member and deputy chairman of the National Committee for Pharmaceutical Industries (NCPI).

Sattam exhibits great enthusiasm for enhancing the availability of medicines within healthcare systems.