Position: Project Manager at World Health Organization (WHO)
Categories: Speakers 2023

Abdalla Aboutaleb is one of the most profound experts in healthcare policy and regulations in the MENA region. His expertise extends from HTA & Reimbursement policies to regulatory and supply chain strategies in the public sector. He has been involved in the fields of health economics, outcomes research, health policy reforming and

Reimbursement police within the healthcare industry for 15 years, with experience across the pharmaceutical, biologicals and vaccines. And now works for WHO as a project manager at health care reforming area. He, in addition to being a committee member and project manager in a number of national projects in many countries

including Germany. United Kingdom, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Russia, UAE, Morocco, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, KSA, GULF, USA and Poland. He is a very active researcher with tens of publication across different well recognized organizing including ISPOR, ESMO, ASCO , ECCO, iHEA.

HTAI and EuHEA. He has been a true contributor to several public and industrial projects in Egypt and the MENA region of his homeland. He committedly changed the landscape of the healthcare policy there. A few examples to mention are his contributions to the establishment of the NORCB (national organization for control and research of biologics), Egyptian Biosimilars guidelines the

cancer and MS registry & guidelines. Establishing stroke units & guidelines, hospital based HTA and Health economic unit at the Ministry of Health in Egypt’s different sectors.

Multiple engagement efforts are well recognized in his research through introducing concepts of stakeholder engagement. He also does that by being an active member of many research organizations internationally and locally like the ISPOR and its local chapter. Abdalla Aboutaleb remains a very rich source of developmental initiatives having been hands on expert across different sectors of the healthcare systems and a visionary for healthcare reform.