Position: Pharmacist, Purchasing Specialist - Emirates Health Services (EHS)
Categories: Speakers 2024

She is a pharmacist and a purchasing specialist who proven ability to manage any works either independently or as a teamwork. Reliable and has a leadership skill. Strongly focused with the ability to complete tasks accurately in a fast-paced environment with conflicting deadlines.


With a rich and varied career in the pharmaceutical field, Dr. Lateefa Bahlooq has demonstrated a commitment to advancing healthcare and ensuring optimal patient outcomes. Currently serving as a Purchasing Specialist at Emirate Health Services in Dubai since January 2017, Dr. Bahlooq adeptly manages and adjusts orders to maintain efficient inventory levels. Her role involves a keen analysis of financial reports, negotiation with suppliers, and diligent tracking of delivery times.


Dr. Bahlooq commenced her career as a Pharmacist at University Hospitals Sharjah in June 2014, where she provided valuable information to patients about potential drug interactions, proper dosing, and medication storage. Collaborating with physicians, she played a key role in preventing therapy duplications and allergic reactions. In April 2020, Dr. Bahlooq transitioned to Al Qassimi Hospital in Sharjah, working in the outpatient pharmacy department. Here, she was responsible for preparing, dispensing, and counseling patients on the appropriate administration of medication and possible side effects.

Dr. Bahlooq’s earlier roles at Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Hospital in Ajman and Al Amanah Pharmacy in Ajman showcased her dedication to community pharmacy practices. This comprehensive journey underscores Dr. Lateefa Bahlooq’s commitment to excellence in pharmaceutical care and her significant contributions to the healthcare sector.