Position: Head, Registration and Pricing Section, Pharmacy and Drug Control Department - Ministry of Public Health, Qatar
Categories: Speakers 2024

Mr. Babiker has more than 25 years of experience in different fields of pharmacy practice including hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, drug information, patient safety, quality and risk management. He has presented many papers in international scientific conferences and published an original research article in reputable Journal.


Mr. Babiker is a pharmacist with initially a degree from Sudan, which he substantiated by doing additional internationally, recognized examinations. He has research experience through a Master program at Queens University Belfast in the United Kingdom. His research interests are in the areas of patient safety and pharmacy practice.


He has worked as drug information pharmacist at Hamad Medical Corporation, the principal health institute in Qatar, which contributed to his clinical knowledge and skills. Through his work for the Ministry of Public Health, especially the Community Pharmacies Steering Group for the National Health Strategy Project 1.6 Community Pharmacies Strategy and as vaccine registration supervisor, he also has experience with the development of policies.


In addition, Mr. Babiker is interested in sport activities; he was volunteering with Qatar Anti-doping Commission as a Doping Control Officer (DCO) since 2005. He participated in many and different sports activities in Qatar such as DCO, education & outreach program as well as DCO Venue Manager.


Moreover, Mr. Babiker participated actively in preparing an outreach and education team during IAAF in 2019, in which he had been awarded appreciation letter from the director of WADA. He has been awarded recently grateful recognition for the excellent service for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.